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„Get assured. We managed the risks!“

The project „Get Assured. We Managed the Risks“ is a collaborative project among seven countries (France, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, and the Netherlands). Its primary objective is to establish a guide that will motivate and assist other organizations in including individuals with disabilities and chronic diseases in international projects. This project is funded by Erasmus+ and has a duration of three years.

The project consists of:

– 7 TPMs (Transnational partners meetings) – organized in 6 countries and one training with the goal of educating people as group leaders for working with individuals with disabilities and chronic diseases on international projects,

– one training – organised for individuals who aspire to become team leaders for the project involving people with disabilities and chronic conditions

TPM 1 – Storkow, Germany

The first meeting was organized in Germany at the Hirschluch Youth Educational Center. During this meeting, organizations had the opportunity to introduce themselves, create detailed plans, and allocate tasks among each other. Additionally, our participants had the privilege of meeting individuals with visual impairments who had recently been on a cycling tour. They engaged in discussions about the challenges and specific needs that people with visual impairments encounter while traveling and going abroad.

TPM 2 – Lublin, Poland

On the second meeting, we had the opportunity to meet people with various disabilities, including intellectual, physical, and autism spectrum disorder. During this meeting, we not only had the chance to interact with the participants but also their guardians. The discussions we had were very helpful in guiding us further in our project. We also took the time to reflect on our work thus far and set new goals for the steps that need to be completed before the next meeting.

TPM 3 – Istanbul , Türkiye

This meeting took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The goal of this meeting was to reflect on our work so far and to meet with another group of people. We met with individuals who have chronic conditions, specifically people with diabetes, and discussed their needs, focusing on traveling and international projects. This meeting also served as an opportunity to review parts of the GUIDE that were already completed.

TPM 4 – Tolouse , France

At our meeting in Toulouse, we had the opportunity to meet with two groups. One group was a school comprised of individuals with various disabilities with focus on hearing disabilities, while the other was a youth club for people with visual impairments. During our time with these groups, we implemented a game that we had created to gather the necessary information. The game involved an imaginary trip to another country. The output we obtained from this activity proved to be helpful for our guide. Additionally, we took time to reflect on our work and continued to work on creaing and improving our guide.

TPM 5 – Storkow , Germany

This was the second meeting organized in Storkow, where we utilized the opportunity for mid-term evaluation. During this meeting, we assessed our overall progress, cooperation between partners, and took further steps for our project. Through our evaluation, we identified the necessity of adding an additional chapter to our guide. We assigned responsibilities and established specific steps to be taken before our next meeting.

TPM 6 – Nieuw Heeten, Netherland

Our next meeting was in the Netherlands. During this meeting, we had almost finished the GUIDE. We utilized this time to review the work we had done since our last meeting and made further progress on our guide.

TPM 7 – Dublin, Irland

This was our last meeting where we reflected on our entire project and planned for future cooperation. As a result, we have another project that will be planned and implemented by some of the partners.

Training for team leaders – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Part of our project also involved a training organized by our partner in Romania. The objective of this training was to equip individuals who aspire to become team leaders for international projects involving people with disabilities and chronic conditions. A total of 21 individuals participated in this training. Subsequently, some of these trainees took on the role of team leaders for youth exchanges that were organized as part of the project.

Youth exchanges

Although it was not financed by this project, we organized four youth exchanges whose goal was to test and improve our guide. These youth exchanges were organized in Germany, Poland, France, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. While Bosnia and Herzegovina was not officially part of this project, we decided to include them in order to gain another perspective on the guide and the entire project. The participants of our youth exchanges were individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions. Some of the team leaders who took a part on this project, were participants in our training in Romania.

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